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Together we learn, together we achieve

The International Language Association (ILA) is a cultural association specialising in English language teaching. ILA offers a wide range of general and tailor-made English courses as well as various specialist training programmes.


At ILA we:

- Customise courses to meet the specific needs of students

- Follow an approach based on the most up-to-date teaching methodologies

- Pride ourselves in the professionalism and competence of our teaching team

- Are constantly innovating ILA’s teaching techniques, tools and materials

Every year ILA welcomes a wide range of students, all of whom are looking to realize new projects, fulfil educational goals or explore new ideas through learning English. ILA is committed to grasping and understanding the individual needs and demands of each of our students and transforming these into specialised programmes that create a wide range of learning and training opportunities in the form of high quality courses and services. At the heart of each of our student’s work is the secret of our success and the basis for our excellent reputation.


ILA’s mission statement:

Our mission is to promote foreign language learning through innovative methodologies and the development of intercultural relationships among young people. Our aim is to present the community with an arena for personal growth by providing educative services based on cumulative experience that deliver the most appropriate training processes for each student.

I.L.A. bases each of its training courses on the didactic-content and procedural standards established by the European Common Framework Reference Framework (QCER / CEF) -Common European Framework (CEF).

As stipulated by the Council of Europe and as an International Certification Examination Preparation Centre, ILA also prepares students to take exams for INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS including but not restricted to Cambridge, Trinity and Pitman.

ILA represents the most prestigious range of English language examinations and certifications recognized by both public and private schools, institutions and universities worldwide.

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